Application Guide

  1. It is always recommended to carry out a Trial Patch evaluation first as all paints and surfaces have different conditions and will vary in the thickness and cover time required for Peel Away to successfully work.
  2. Apply Peel Away paste 3 – 4mm thick, covering the surface evenly. If paint is very thick, or if there are many layers, then Peel Away may need to be applied up to 6mm thick.
  3. Completely cover the paste with the printed Peel Away laminated paper sheet and smooth out any air bubbles. ONLY use Peel Away paper sheets.
  4. Tape down the edges with masking tape to ensure an air tight seal.
  5. Correct dwell time will be determined by performing a Trial patch evaluation prior to full application. On average 72 hours minimum. Depending on the surface, number of layers and age of coatings you may be required to leave Peel Away on longer on old buildings, 5-7 days in some cases. Please contact Peel Away Technical Advice if you are unsure.
  6. By sliding a scraper/spatula behind the paper, ease off the paint, paste and paper in one piece. Remove in small sections and scrape off loose debris and residue. Place in thick plastic tie up bags.
  7. Thoroughly wash the surface with plain water, nylon brush and sponge.
  8. Neutralise the surface using Peel Away Neutraliser for Peel Away 1 ONLY. Refer detail instructions for thoroughly neutralising of wood and plaster surfaces. Peel Away 8 is pH neutral and does not require Neutralising.

Surface preparation: It is advised to dampen the surface with water prior to applying Peel Away. In extreme heat, do not apply Peel Away. Ideal application temperature should be 15 to 28 degrees Celsius.

Safety Precautions

  • Always wear gloves and protective clothing.
  • Do not scrape old flaking paint, apply Peel Away directly over existing surfaces. Refer label for safety instructions.
  • Peel Away 8 is NON CAUSTIC and pH NEUTRAL.

Care is taken in preparation of this information. Recommendation of technical advice, verbal or trials is given with no responsibility or warranty. Every site condition is different and Trial Evaluations are essential.

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