How It Works

Step 1

Trial Patch – ALWAYS PERFORM A TRIAL PATCH BEFORE EVERY JOB! An evaluation should always be completed before undertaking any paint removal project. All surfaces vary and may have many different layers of paint. 350g Kits are available from our store online or authorised distributors around Australia. Please refer to our guides on how to perform a trial patch.

Step 2

Apply Peel Away ® paste 3-4mm thick (recommended rate) to the painted surface evenly. Then cover the Peel Away® with the supplied special laminated Peel Away® paper, printed side facing out. Use masking tape to tape down all sections and edges as best you can to create an air-tight seal, which allows Peel Away to work at maximum strength. For most surfaces you will need to leave the paste on for a minimum of 72 hours. In some cases with very old or heritage listed buildings it may require 7 days for optimal results.

Step 3

Remove the Peel Away® from the surface by gently sliding a spatula/scraper behind the paper and ease the paint, paste and paper off in one piece. Remove in small sections and scrape off loose debris and residue. Wash the surface thoroughly with water, nylon brush and sponge.

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